QL-850 Ink Cartridges

QL-850 Ink Cartridges

Safe. Fast. Effective.

Natura inks are durable; providing outstanding image quality and superior resistance to water. With 3X lightfastness on both glossy and matte coated media for inkjet technology and 3X waterfastness, Natura inks are proven to be 3X more resistant to the effects of water than similar inks.

Smarter ink. Safer labels.

Natura ink is water-based, 100% free of reactive chemicals, making them safer to use and better for the environment. They dry fast, enabling high-speed and high-quality color printing that’s environmentally-friendly and doesn’t require energy-intensive drying or curing equipment.
Friendlier to the environment than UV, solvent or liquid toner inks, in addition to the durability, Natura inks are the safer choice for food labeling.

By lowering PH intervention by 50%, Natura inks help improve the total cost of ownership by reducing the cost per label and have notably improved GHS classifications.

Worldwide Regulatory Statements

With a formulation comprised of ~70% water, AstroNova Natura inks are free from:

  • SVHCs, heavy metals, and aromatic amines
  • JPIMA (Components on Japan Printing Ink Makers), Negative List, May 2017
  • BPA (Phthalate esters and bishenol-A)
  • Hazardous UV ink components (4-methylbenophenone or benzophenone)
  • MOSH/MOAH (Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons)
  • Materials subject to California Prop 65 labeling above Safe Harbor Limits

Why AstroNova Natura Ink for Food Labeling?

Food and beverage labels account for 64% of the global label market, with 70% of the fastest-growing food labeling categories being refrigerated and frozen foods. Natura™ inks can be ideal for the top growing categories such as:

  • Refrigerated and Prepared Entrees: salads, appetizers, sandwiches, frozen meals, burritos, sushi
  • Frozen Desserts: ice creams, gelatos, Italian ices, high-end specialty frozen desserts
  • Refrigerated Juices: super-premium fresh juices, as well as health drinks and energy drinks
  • Frozen Meat, Poultry, Seafood: organic and premium natural brands

Safer for you, safer for food labels, safer for the environment.

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