Sanitary Supply Labels

Print Your Own Chemical Labels In-House for Private Label Cleaning Products

The key advantage of printing your own product labels is flexibility. With the Kiaro! D or Kiaro! 200D digital color label printer, you can print your own labels at any time, in any quantity.

It’s quick and affordable to print your own labels, especially when you need smaller quantities for private label customers and distributors.

Low-Cost Label Printing

With the Kiaro! D or Kiaro! 200D, you can print custom labels cost-efficiently. Its toner-based printing is economical, with lower running costs than other label printing technologies. They have four separate CMYK toner cartridges which allow you to make maximum use of each of cyan, magenta, yellow and black toner cartridge.

With the low cost of printing labels, it can be a money maker for small and large manufacturers alike to sell private label chemical cleaning products.

Print Private Label Cleaning Product Labels In-House

Private label cleaning products offer great potential for increasing sales volume and profits in the growing cleaning products market. But, traditional labeling costs have kept many sanitary supply manufacturers out of the value-added private label business.

Now, with the efficient Kiaro! D or Kiaro! 200D label printer, they can profitably make and sell private label cleaning products and custom chemical formulations in high volumes (and small) than would have been affordable with outsourced printed labels.

In just minutes, you can custom-print cleaning products labels with distributor brand logos and private label artwork, print labels directly, make changes to labels and print new ones instantly. Complete with new logos, photos, barcodes and serializing codes such as lot and batch codes.

Chemical-Resistant, Colorfast Labels

The Kiaro! D or Kiaro! 200D makes colorfast labels that resist harsh chemical solvents, moisture and smudging. Drips and incidental exposure to most chemical cleaning products will not cause smearing, fading or corrosion of color labels thanks to its unique toner-based label printing technology.

Even without lamination, printed labels maintain their beautiful printed appearance when exposed to chemical cleaning products, UV light and handling by housekeeping staff.

Promote Your Eco-Labeling Certification

There are two reasons to print an eco-label certification on your cleaning product label:

Promoting your commitment to green practices

Differentiate your eco-friendly products from the competition

In the USA, household and professional cleaning products labels are regulated by the EPA. Beyond EPA regulations, there are several voluntary eco labeling standards to which cleaning manufacturers can be certified. By printing your own cleaning labels in-house with a QuickLabel color label printer, you can easily differentiate each of your products that have achieved eco label certification, as well as adapt labels to changing governmental regulations.

Make GHS Labels for Your Chemical Cleaning Products

Janitorial cleaning products are among the chemicals that require color-coded chemical hazard identification labels in compliance with GHS Labeling regulations. QuickLabel color label printers make it easy to add red and black GHS pictograms and hazard warning statements in addition to your own package design graphics, lot and batch codes and other text and graphics.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! label printer.  During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look! Learn more and contact us today!