Private Label

Increase Your Profits by Printing Private Label Versions of Your Labels

The increase in private label products and package quality is driving consumers to choose private label brands over other brands.

For your business, printing private label versions of your product has many benefits. With the Kiaro! QL-120 inkjet label printer, the desktop color label printer that lets you print your own custom product labels, it couldn’t be more simple.

Here’s a glimpse into what the QL-120 can do for your business.

Channel Exclusivity

Instead of customers going to big box stores to look for national brands, you can create private label products unique to each retailer, making the products more differentiated and, therefore, making you more money.

You’ll be able to please your distributors and wholesalers by producing product labels with their unique logos and marketing messages.

What’s more, with the 1200 dpi quality of the QL-120, you can easily match the current colors and design of existing packaging.

Customers are constantly looking for value. A growing majority of consumers search for lower priced, or alternative, products when they shop. Many of these customers are looking to private label brands to meet their needs.

When printing labels for private label versions of your product, you’ll be able to cater to this growing market, making you more profitable.

Control Your Product In-House

With in-house printing of private label product labels, you have full control over every aspect of packaging.

Instead of depending on another company to print your labels, you’ll get to command packaging, distribution, marketing and other aspects of your product while instantly printing product labels to be sold under another brand name.

The QL-120 inkjet label printer allows you to have full control.

Personalize Your Brand Through Labels

The QL-120 gives you the ability to easily print labels for your product without lag time and material waste.

You can easily customize the design of your labels and choose the exact amount of labels you want to print.

It’s even affordable to label small quantities of your products, thanks to short-run digital label printing efficiencies. This customizability is specifically helpful when printing private label versions of your product labels.

Increase Your Brand Loyalty

With private label printing, you’ll have full control over the design of your product labels.

When creating your own label designs, you’ll be able to increase your brand’s recognition and will help you to increase customer loyalty.

The Kiaro!, and it’s easy to use labeling software, will allow you to easily upload and create label designs in no time at all, saving you time to focus on the rest of your business.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! QL-120 label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look!

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