Medical Device Labels

Reduce Risks and Avoid Label Shortages with the Kiaro! QL-120 Inkjet Label Printer

Device manufacturers have chosen to print labels on-site with the Kiaro! QL-120 inkjet label printer in order to avoid periodic label shortages, reduce human labeling errors and comply with UDI requirements, all while maintaining full in-house quality control.

So, what does the QL-120 provide to make this all happen seamlessly?

Protection Against Label Shortages & Mislabeling

There’s a great deal of mislabeling risk when you rely on pre-printed labels. Human beings are responsible for selecting the correct label, and they make mistakes.

A medical device manufacturer recently had to discard $100,000 in printed labels when it discovered an invalid expiration date. It was forced to delay shipments for two months while it waited for new labels to be created, approved, printed, received, inspected and applied.

The QL-120 will help you to avoid such problems, immediately filling in the “gaps” when your standard labeling process fails.

No more waiting, no more misprints, and no more wasted labels.

As you’ll discover, high-speed, reliable digital label printing with the QL-120 has already paid for itself on the production lines of device manufacturers around the world.

Flexibility Gain

Instantly printing product labels on-site with a desktop, digital, color label printer such as the QL-120 enables you to flex production schedules – changing products and lines anytime it’s necessary.

In combination with enterprise labeling software, such as ROBAR, you will be able to centrally control design while printing color labels locally at each production line.

What’s more, your operations team will be relieved of the burden to manually track label versions and scrap “obsolete” labels!

UDI Labeling for Medical Devices

The QL-120 inkjet label printer is the ideal printer for labeling medical devices to meet new FDA regulations for UDI labeling.

Together, Innovatum’s ROBAR software and QuickLabel’s QL-120 on-demand inkjet label printer offer a validated, FDA-compliant solution for printing UDI labels in color from blank stock.

Saving Money by Printing Efficiently

The QL-120 is the most efficient medical device label printer on the market – printing at 12” per second, in 1200 dpi. It never wastes labels.

Other label printers consume labels during cleaning, when starting and ending runs or if a run needs to be paused. With the QL-120 inkjet label printer, that never happens.

The QL-120’s robust printer drivers can work with most label design software to give you complete customization of your medical device labels.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! QL-120 label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look!

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