Medical Device + UDI (Unique Device Identifier) Labels

Easy Medical Device UDI Label Compliance with the QuickLabel QL-120X printer and ROBAR software

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new UDI labeling requirements challenge manufacturers to redesign their labeling process and medical device UDI labels. Therefore, Innovatum’s ROBAR software and QuickLabel’s QL-120X on-demand inkjet label printer are the solutions to eliminating UDI labeling’s cost and waste.

The QuickLabel QL-120X is a professional tabletop digital label printer with a best in class two-year warranty. This printer delivers vibrant color labels with 1200 dpi print quality and durability. Most importantly, the QL-120X offers eXtended printhead life and eXtended lifetime benefits. It also produces high-quality labels at a lower total cost of ownership.

With field-proven engineered designs, QuickLabel color label printers are easy to load and operate. Also, its rapid printing speed, high resolution, and custom label-making capabilities make it the ideal choice for medical device labels. So, only QuickLabel gives you the user-friendly and network-friendly operation, flexible, and productive printing that produces affordable, professional, narrow labels.

Reduce risks and avoid label shortages

Medical device manufacturers print labels on-site and on-network with the QuickLabel QL-120X inkjet label printer to avoid label shortages, reduce human errors, and comply with UDI requirements. So, the printer protects manufacturers against label shortages and mislabeling caused by human error.

What Can They Do for You?

The combination of ROBAR software and the QL-120X printer makes it easy to comply with the FDA’s UDI label content, design, GUDID upload, and print regulations. It also prints internal color-coding and branding requirements. Together, they offer an FDA-compliant solution for printing UDI labels in color from blank stock.

Our solution creates labels that are accurate and cost-efficient. The ROBAR software allows design at your computer and easily prints to QuickLabel inkjet label printers located anywhere in the world through simple browser access. It permits the central control and management of labels. 

Security for Sensitive Data and Durability

The QL-120X printer works with ROBAR’s control layer to protect all secure data entry with authenticated access. As a result, granular security prevents unauthorized access and controls workflow and printing permissions. So, with the control layer, manage quantities and reprints, limit operator data entry, and capture auditable information for the entire system.

Since medical devices ship around the world, their labels must maintain readability, quality, and scanability on an assortment of media. As a result, the QL-120X printer is capable of producing scratch- and abrasion-resistant labels that survive ETO sterilization and withstand international shipping.

Cost Reduction with the QuickLabel QL-120X

The QL-120X label printer dramatically reduces the costs of UDI-compliant and medical device labels, eliminates the risk of using obsolete labels or choosing the wrong label from inventory. It also excludes the need to hold labels in stock. The QL-120X printer creates attractive labels in 1200 dpi resolution to allow the production of an easy-to-identify color code system.

Short-Run Label Printing

With the QuickLabel QL-120X printer, there is no need to pre-print thousands of labels for each product variations. Print only the labels you need when you need them.

With the ability to print narrow, durable labels, the QL-120X printer transforms your organization into a just-in-time label producer that eliminates the waste of unused or obsolete pre-printed inventories. So, printing short runs can instantly produce newly approved label changes, increase line-of-sight supervision, and stop the necessity of purging labels from stock.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person or online web demonstration with a QuickLabel QL-120X color label printer. During the demo, we will put your artwork into production to show how great your labels will look! Learn more and contact us today!

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