Frozen Food Labels

Print Labels that Stand Up to Any Temperature

It’s important for your frozen foods to have unique and attractive labels.

It’s equally important that your frozen food labels don’t wrinkle due to condensation, fade away due to UV store lights, or lose their adhesion and fall off in low temperatures.

QuickLabel’s labeling solutions help businesses print professional, durable labels for frozen food applications. Utilizing our in-house Media Laboratory in cohesion with our line of color label printers, you have the ability to attract more customers with great-looking, compliant and freezer-resistant labels produced in-house.

Label Stocks Formulated for Freezing Temperatures

QuickLabel is the only label printing company with an in-house Media Laboratory.

Designing and testing label materials that are perfect for frozen foods, we are able to provide your business with gorgeous labels guaranteed to resist moisture and solvent exposure in extremely cold and warm temperatures from -65° F to +147° F (-54° C to 64° C).

Some of our popular freezer-resistant labels include:

  • Material 178 – High Gloss White Polypropylene Label with Freezer Adhesive. This material is water-resistant, solvent resistant and provides long-term adhesion to surfaces. Ideal for printing glossy polypropylene labels, especially in frozen product label printing applications.
  • Material 228 – High-Gloss White Paper Label. This material provides premium shine desired for primary display labels with photographic images and maintains permanent, freezer-grade adhesion at hot or cold temperatures. Ideal for use in applications where high-gloss and full-color images are desired.

Proven Performance in Freezing Temperatures

Browndog Creamery, a micro-creamery in Northville, Michigan uses the Kiaro! to label their pints of hand crafted premium ice cream.

Paul Gabriel, Co-owner of Browndog Creamery, states, “We were a little skeptical about how they would adhere to a frozen pint, but the labels do quite well. The synthetic material we use for the pint labels is resistant to water, and we can actually label the pints after they’ve gone through the freezing process.”

Check out Browndog Creamery’s video testimonial to hear their full story and learn how their Kiaro! label printer helped to increase store sales and brand recognition.


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