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Print eLiquid Labels with QuickLabel® Color Label Printers

The demand for electronic cigarettes and vaping is a large market. With a growing customer base, it’s imperative eJuice and eLiquid labels for eCigarettes stand out among the competition.

The QL-300 CMYK+White Toner-Based Tabletop Label Printer

The QuickLabel QL-300 printer makes it is easy to create attractive, narrow, highly differentiated eLiquid labels in your facility. It’s the world’s first five-color, toner-based tabletop printer designed specifically for production label printing. The QuickLabel QL-300 printer goes beyond the traditional four-color printing process because it has the ability also to print white and CMYK in a single pass. The benefit of toner EP (electrophotographic) technology includes label printing that is durable, water-fast, and UV resistant. In other words, the QuickLabel QL-300 prints highly UV- and scratch-resistant labels that can withstand the challenging demands of eCigarette and eLiquid applications.

The QL-120X Tabletop Color Label Printer

The QuickLabel QL-120X is a professional tabletop digital label printer with a best in class two-year warranty. The QL-120 delivers vibrant color labels with 1200 dpi print quality and durability. Also, this printer offers eXtended printhead life and eXtended lifetime benefits while producing high-quality labels at a lower total cost of ownership.

With a highly efficient ink laydown process, economical ink cartridges, and eXtended life parts, the QL-120X delivers durable, high print quality, while printing labels at a savings of up to 35% over pigment-based color labeling technologies.

Field-Proven Engineering for eJuice and eLiquid Labels

We engineer the QuickLabel printers with a field-proven design that is easy to load and operate. Their rapid printing speed, exceptional resolution, and custom label-making capabilities make them the ideal choice for eLiquid labeling requirements. Only QuickLabel gives you the user-friendly operation, flexible and productive printing, and low cost of ownership that produces professional, economic labels.

Having a QuickLabel printer means never overestimating or underestimating label orders again. They can handle quantities from one to 7,200 labels per hour! Our systems are perfect for labeling small batches of custom vape juices or making thousands of labels for best-selling eJuices.

With the variety of vape juices produced, it’s essential to give each flavor its distinct image. The QuickLabel QL-300 and QL-120X printer’s versatility helps differentiate a growing product line.

The Competition Is on Board

Join the e-liquid makers that have begun printing their vape juice labels using a QuickLabel labeling system.

An eLiquid maker and vape shop retailer based in Clinton, Michigan, uses a QuickLabel printer to label its wide variety of vape juices. They also offer custom labeling of its e-juices to wholesale and private-label customers.

Jeff Kohr, the CEO, said, “I believe in our QuickLabel printer. I’ve had a lot of other printers, and I’ve never had anything like the QL-300. It has improved the quality of our product from a labeling standpoint. It has improved our productivity, and it has improved our inventory control. Just from the standpoint of what it does, it has been a top-quality unit.”

One of the most amazing things the AstroNova QuickLabel printer has done for NicQuid, another e-liquid company, they extended their employees’ hours. However, before purchasing the QuickLabel system, employees were not working full days because the product’s production was faster than they could be labeled.

The company’s CEO admired the QuickLabel system’s ability to print 20,000 labels during its first week. “This printer is fast,” he said. “The printer we were using before could print one label in the time this printer can print about a dozen.” That’s a 12-to-1 ratio.

“To any company that needs to print labels in-house,” said the CEO, “there is no better option than the QuickLabel printer.”

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person or an online web demonstration with a QuickLabel color label printer. During the demo, we will put your artwork into production to show how great your labels will look! Learn more and contact us today!

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