Dietary Supplement Labels

Offer Private Label Supplements & Gain Short-Run Labeling Flexibility

Marketing growth, diverse product lines, increased competition and more stringent GMP and DSHEA regulatory compliance demands require supplement manufacturers to continuously adapt packaging and differentiate supplement labels.

And that’s a lot. But printing supplement labels with a QuickLabel printer can help.

Say Hello to Production Flexibility & Cost Efficiency

QuickLabel printers allow your business to print labels in short-run quantities. What does that mean for you? To put it simply: production flexibility and cost efficient labeling.

With different product formulations and unit sizes, production lines need to stay flexible rather than buying pre-printed labels in large quantities for each vitamin, herbal and sports nutrition supplements and having them sit in inventory until production demand arises.

When you make your own dietary supplement labels, you print exactly the quantity of labels you need for each item number and order. The cost of each printed label is affordably low, especially for the Kiaro! QL-120 inkjet label printer. There are no excess printed labels to keep in inventory – meaning no more wasted labels, no overstocking and no more outside printing expenses.

Now Introducing, Private Label Dietary Supplement Labels

Supplement manufacturers know the appeal of offering private label supplements to retailers, distributors such as doctors’ offices, spas and gyms. You may have already received requests to sell your supplements, correct? If you’re like many supplement manufacturers, you are turning away these “small order” private label opportunities.

Why? Because it is too costly and time consuming to purchase and apply labels in small quantities. But with a QuickLabel printer, you don’t need to be concerned about the costs of serving private label customers with smaller-size orders.

QuickLabel offers a digital color label printer in every performance range so you can choose the capacity to print a few hundred, or thousands of custom color labels at moderate or high print speeds.

Welcome to Easy Compliance with GMP Labeling Regulations

By digitally printing labels in-house, manufacturers can simplify the packaging process while ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and DSHEA. Under GMP, labels must be separated to avoid applying the wrong label to the wrong product by mistake and obsolete labels must be destroyed promptly.

This is not a concern when you print supplement labels on-demand with a QuickLabel printer. You can integrate your label printer with your production software and instantly print the correct supplement labels for each order, as needed.

On-Demand Sales Sample Labels and Prototyping

When new formulations are developed, it’s important to have sample packs in-hand and ready to distribute.

With the ability print labels from popular graphic software and print labels over a network, designers can easily print their own finished-looking prototype labels.

Re-Labeling Supplements

In this global economy, bulk ingredients and finished products are regularly being imported and re-packaged into individual bottles, jars, rounds and packs. With a QuickLabel in-house label printer, it’s simple to make new supplement labels that comply with domestic labeling regulations.

Complete your labels with logos, photos, brand images, supplement facts label panels, lot and batch numbers, best before and expiration dates, color codes, country of origin, manufacturer address and other label content.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! QL-120 label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look! Learn more and contact us today!