Cosmetics Labels

Print the Exquisite Cosmetic Labels with The Kiaro!

Makers of cosmetics and personal care products don’t just need a lot of labels – they need a lot of different labels. One body lotion alone can be available in dozens of different scents, in a wide array of bottles, tubs, tubes and more.

The makers of cosmetics need to have diverse, beautiful, color cosmetics labels as attractive as their products are effective.

With the Kiaro! inkjet label printer, you can create beautiful cosmetic labels for less than outside print shops.

The Kiaro! is fast, efficient and allows for complete cosmetic label customization to print the best looking label for any beauty product!

The Benefits of Printing Cosmetic Labels In-House

The Kiaro! can print labels in any quantity. It is perfect for short-runs of seasonal products for the holidays and ideal for printing custom labels for new scents, sizes, and formulations.

CJ’s Unique Boutique in Colorado Springs, CO purchased a Kiaro! and immediately found there is nothing else like it on the market.

The Kiaro! is the absolute standard for in-house cosmetic label printers. You’ll start seeing the savings that come from instantly printing labels with the Kiaro!.

Having a Kiaro! on your desktop means you’ll never have to worry about overstocking or underestimating what you truly need. And because the Kiaro! never skips a blank label, you’ll never worry about labels going to waste.

Print Quickly, Print Beautifully

The Kiaro! label printer is an extraordinarily fast printer, with a standard printing speed of 8 inches per second (40 feet per minute!).

Even at those speeds the Kiaro! prints with beautiful, vibrant color in astounding 1200 dpi.

“It’s a cost effective time saving printer,” said Ryan Flynt, the Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator of CJ’s Unique Boutique, “It creates excellent quality labels for our packaging, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Cosmetics Ingredients Labeling and Certified Labels

With a Kiaro!, you can print cosmetics and personal care ingredients lists, allergen warnings, barcodes, organic and natural certifications on demand, ultimately giving you the advantage of keeping up with the constant changes being made to label requirements as they go into effect.

As a producer of cosmetics and personal care products in the USA, your cosmetics and personal care labels must comply with the FDA standards.

With a QuickLabel printer and Custom QuickLabel software, you can produce FDA-compliant cosmetics labels and add the label certification seals that make your products more attractive to consumers.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look! Learn more and contact us today!