Carton Labels

Retailers and Manufacturers Prefer Color Carton Labels Printed In-House

Track and trace labeling relies on efficiency. In order to meet the strict specifications and regulations of their retailers, manufacturers need to accurately label all of their cartons.

The ability to print color visual-cue carton labels with photos, barcodes, part numbers and other automatic identification information allows individuals in the distribution center warehouses to better select the right product. In just minutes, our labeling solutions can print visual-cue labels on demand for each SKU and product.

Effortlessly Meet Retail Regulations

To put your hardware products on the shelves, they must first meet incredibly stringent retail packaging standards. From censor codes to the barcodes, every label has to meet retail and wholesale standards, every single time.

QuickLabel printers allow you to produce beautiful, compliant labels in up to 1600 dpi at up to 12 inches per second – an astonishing rate for fully compliant product labels.

Eliminate Errors, Shortages & Inventory Overstock

Eliminate the delays and setbacks from relying on an outside print shop.

Printing with a QuickLabel printer allows you to immediately correct any errors or changes to your picture code and visual-cue labels, as well as print as many or as few labels on-demand, saving your business time and reducing the cost-per-label.

What Makes QuickLabel Your Total Labeling Solution?

  • Easily remain compliant and meet all stringent retail packaging specifications
  • Create professional, custom labels for each retailer or distributor
  • Eliminate costly errors that occur on picture code and visual-cue labels
  • Easily create barcodes, expiration dates, pricing and other variable data
  • Promptly print labels in up to 1600 dpi and at speeds of up to 12 inches/second

Quick Fitting, an innovative manufacturer of push-connect plumbing technologies, has been using the Kiaro! color label printer to meet all of the retail labeling standards that their customers Lowe’s, Tractor Supply and Ace Hardware exact.

David Crompton, CEO at Quick Fitting, states, “The Kiaro! gave us the ability to get exactly what we needed, to create our labels just-in-time and cut our cost on those labels by about 40%…It’s been absolutely phenomenal.”

Quick Fitting’s video testimonial to hear their full story and learn how their Kiaro! label printer helped to eliminate errors, meet retail regulations, and remove the costly inventory of pre-printed labels.


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